COE Orchard Equipment

“Our equipment is built to work in all sorts of ground conditions, whether it’s sand or mud. It can also be very hot, dusty, unclean environment, yet machine uptime is very important to our customers. Our goal is to offer equipment that is reliable and easy to maintain and operate. John Deere engines play a vital role in all of that. Western Power Products helps us with selecting the correct engine and options to match up to our hydraulic system. We love working with Rich Carroll at Western Power. If we need something, Rich is always there for us. It’s a great working relationship. Western Power has been very helpful in each of tier jumps we’ve had to take. Tier 4 has been challenging and Western Power has been there for us, helping us to achieve those emissions requirements. We’ve been working with Western Power for several years, looking at what’s on the horizon and what engines are going to be available. The last few years, we’ve tried different types of Final Tier 4 engines. With the help of Western Power’s engineering staff, we have pinpointed the model that we’re going to be moving forward with.”

-Matthew Coe (General Manager)

Wonderful Orchards

“We have 5 ag shops that run seven days a week, some of them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We need uptime, and that’s the top reason why I need a dependable engine that is turnkey and starts and runs. We are extremely heavy users of John Deere equipment. The John Deere engines were pushing 16,000 to 20,000 hours, and we were being proactive to make sure we were doing our due diligence to bring them up to the correct tier level. We have begun the process of replacing aging John Deere 8.1L engines in our Air-O-Fan orchard sprayers. These are cylindrical sprayers with a diameter of 52 inches (132 centimeters). It was a pretty major project to pull out a mechanical turbocharged 8.1L engine to put in a Final Tier 4 engine without changing the housing. I give hats off to Western Power Products; they did their homework and were able to put in a package that was well done. Tim and the engineering department at Western Power did a phenomenal job throughout the whole process. I’m running eight sprayers so far and the performance is good. Bakersfield is hot during the summers and one of our biggest challenges is maintaining the cooling system and making sure it operates well. The standard cooling packaging on the Final Tier 4 engines has been working very well. We are also very happy with the consumption of the fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). The regeneration process has been seamless; it happens and the drivers don’t even know it. It also goes back to John Deere engineering and developing an engine that is sound and dependable.”

-Matthew VanHorn (Director of Fleet Operations)

Progressive Ag Inc.

“Western Power has been very helpful with educating us on the CARB (California Air Resource Board) regulations, as well as other emissions regulations around the world, and where they are headed in the future. We have successfully progressed through each regulatory emissions tier with John Deere engines with the help of Western Power. They put a complete package together for us that makes it very simple for us to just drop the engine directly into our machines.”

-Mark Rychman (Sales Manager & Co-Owner)

“My advice to any OEM that is in this ag market and facing the issue of final tier four, based off my experience with Western Power and John Deere, I have 100% recommendation that John Deere Power Systems and Western Power should be seriously considered.”

-Elroy DeWinkle (President & Co-Owner)


“We have a very good working relationship with John Deere and with Western Power. They work very hard, especially with the newer tier engines solutions, to produce a model we call the modular package which allows that engine to mount some of our pumping system and have charged air cooler tubes and a lot of the other componentry already attached to the engine which makes our lives easier when it comes to manufacturing.”

-Brent Davis (President)

Nelson Manufacturing

“We work with Western Power Products and they have a team that assembles engines for us. When we need Western Power Products, they are there.”

-Jim Bennett (Sales Manager)

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